Singapore Airlines has partnered with leather and paper gift craftsman Bynd Artisan, to create a range of upscaled lifestyle items made using leather from retired business class seating.

According to a press release by Singapore-based Bynd Artisan, the collection includes a key holder with strap wristlet (featuring the words “Pull for life vest”), as well as a crossbody pouch sling, a watch and valet tray stand, and a phone and name card stand.

The last three items are also emblazoned with Singapore Airlines’ batik motif, and come packed in velvet drawstring bags.

They range from S$98 for the key holder, up to S$315 for the watch and valet tray stand, and can be purchased from SIA’s website, Bynd Artisan’s ION Experience Store in Singapore, or online at

Singapore Airlines is not the first carrier to upcycle retired aircraft parts – Lufthansa has released several collections of exclusive furniture made from old A320s and A340s, while last year Emirates announced plans to upcycle parts of its first retired A380 superjumbo into bespoke furniture and memorabilia.

And more recently Delta and American Express launched a new partnership enabling customers to own a credit card made from metal from a retired B747 jumbo.

Delta and Amex launch credit cards made from a B747 aircraft