International Airlines Group has announced an order for nearly 40 additional A320 neo family aircraft.

The news was confirmed as part of the group’s latest financial results, which saw IAG return to profit in the second quarter of 2022.

The order sees the group convert previous options on 12 A320 neo family aircraft, as well as adding a fresh order for a further 25 planes, and options for an additional 50 aircraft.

The exact mix of the 37 aircraft between A320 neos and A321 neos “will be determined nearer to delivery”, which is expected between 2025 and 2028, as IAG looks to replace existing A320 ceo aircraft.

The latest order follows several fleet announcements in recent months, including an order for 50 B737 Max aircraft in May, split across 25 737 Max 8-200s and 25 737 Max 10s, with options for a further 100 aircraft.

IAG to order 50 737 Max aircraft

And in June IAG said it had converted 22 A320 neo Family options into firm orders for 17 A320 neos and five A321 neos, for delivery in 2024 and 2025.

IAG said that the latest order was “in line with the Group’s strategy to return fleet capacity to 2019 levels and replace end of life aircraft”.

It added that “these orders for modern, more fuel-efficient aircraft can be used for any airline in the Group and will bring both cost efficiencies and environmental benefits to IAG’s airlines”.