Gourmet Travelogues, The Goan Chapter – A culinary series at JW Café highlighting hyper regional flavours and cuisines from across the country showcasing inspiration from the travel escapades of our Executive Chef Dane Fernandes, starting June 24 until July 3, 2022.

The Goan Chapter – A unique collaboration between childhood friends and award-winning chefs, Dane Fernandes, Executive Chef, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar and Avinash Martins, Head Chef, Cavatina Goa. The first of the series is a showcase of undiscovered flavours of Goan Saraswat and Hindu Goan cuisines along with the camaraderie of two renowned chefs.

Drawing inspiration from the hyper-regional locations of our diverse country, Executive Chef, Dane Fernandes went back to his roots on his first culinary expedition featuring the authentic and undiscovered favourites of Goa along with Avinash Martins. Traveling together to the epicenter of local cuisine, meeting people who are passionate about producing high-quality food, sampling and savoring local flavors and experience the richness of Goa’s culinary tradition through itineraries that include unique and off beat experiences.

Chef Dane and Chef Avinash have curated this limited-edition menu using local star ingredients such as Kokum, Goan Vinegar, Black Jaggery, Goan Chorizo, Xacuti Masala, Recheado Masala, Jackfruit, Cashew, Local Chilly (Portugali).

Explore the brilliance of the two chefs through an exclusive menu highlighting Spiced Green Pea Cigar, Mutton Mit Miren, Mackerel Beetroot Cutlets, Tambdi Bhaji, Spanakopita, Rassa Jackfruit Cafreal , Gaunta Sansav Chouriço Pulao,Pork Feijoada, Lamb Paya Tonnak amongst an array of other delicacies.