Easyjet has expanded its partnership with Italian airline Neos, to offer flight connections from southern Italy to New York and the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Neos is already part of the Worldwide by Easyjet programme, which enables travellers to self-connect on selected routes provided by member carriers.

From June 16 Easyjet will offer connecting flights from destinations in southern Italy, through its hub at Milan Malpensa and onto Neos services to New York JFK and Santo Domingo La Romana airport.

Easyjet said that during an initial trial phase passengers will be able to fly to New York JFK from Naples, Catania and Palermo, and to Santo Domingo La Romana from Naples and Catania “with a single ticket and a convenient layover in Milan Malpensa”.

The aim is then to extend the collaboration to include further routes and destinations. Easyjet is the largest carrier at Milan Malpensa, with over 50 seasonal and year-round routes.

Easyjet said that the partnership “will improve connectivity between Italian Southern regions and the main non-European markets served by Neos, offering new travel options for passengers leaving from Sicily and Campania, as well as making access to these regions easier for overseas visitors”.

The carrier added that customers “will have the possibility to easily collect their luggage at the end of their journey directly at the destination airport”.

Commenting on the news Lorenzo Lagorio, country manager for Easyjet Italy, said:

“We are excited to launch this partnership with Neos, which allows us to broaden the range of connections from Italy to an increasing number of destinations around the world.

“At a time of strong recovery for tourism, Easyjet is committed to making the travel experience for its Italian customers easier, even when travelling to faraway destinations, while also encouraging tourists from other continents to visit the wonders of our country.

“The Neos-Easyjet partnership is a step in this direction, transforming and improving the concept of travel thanks to two of the most popular brands for those flying to and from Italy”.

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