Far & East will proudly host the team of Ministry of Crab, spearheaded by celebrity Chef Darshan Munidasa for a two day pop-up. Gourmands of Bangalore will have a taste of a special four course, chef curated menu for the first time ever on the May 11 and 12.

As an opening act, there will a special cocktail experience hosted by Stranger & Sons at Copitas. The event is in collaboration with The Soul Company.

“I’m excited to bring Ministry of Crab to Four Seasons and to share our magnificent crustaceans with the diners of Bangalore for the first time. With the flavours of Sri Lanka and fresh ingredients, we will add colour and authenticity to the already vibrant food ethos of Bangalore,” remarked Chef Munidasa.

The Menu that will be showcased at Far & East will have some recognisable favourites like Avocado and Crab Salad with steamed and chilled white meat of crab gently mixed in with wasabi mayonnaise and served inside an avocado and Garlic Chilli Prawn, a celebration of jumbo sized, specially farmed prawns, served with a traditional Sri Lankan Kade Bread. Since the island of Sri Lanka is revered for an abundant produce of pepper, better known as black gold, the Main Course will be the highlight. Diners can expect a wickedly spiced Pepper Crab served with Japanese Rice bursting with the flavours of hand-crushed peppercorn, whole peppercorn and pepper stock.