Charge Zone announced that it has partnered with Marriott International to deploy EV charging stations across all its properties in India. As part of the partnership, Charge Zone has started with the first opportunity and has installed a Fast DC 60kW/120kW Charging Station with Dual Charging Guns at “The Westin Mumbai Powai Lake” and will complete the installation of more than 100 EV chargers in a phased manner by December 2022. This initiative is also part of Marriott’s commitment to sustainable operations and creating an EV Charging infrastructure around the globe.

Designed to charge e-4w, these charging stations will be open to the public as well as to users of Marriott’s EV fleet. Charge Zone’s charging stations are Rapid DC charging points with the CCS2 charging protocol that provides 80 per cent charge in 45-60 minutes and full charge in 90-120 minutes depending on the EV’s battery size. These chargers also come with an additional facility of Type-2 AC chargers wherever needed.

Bhaskar Gurunath, Area Director of Engineering , Marriott South Asia, said, “Marriott continues to be a leader in offering guest experiences that exceed expectations and setting the standard for global sustainability targets within the hospitality sector. By partnering with Charge Zone, Marriott International is moving closer towards its goal of creating an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, in its hotels around the globe, that can be accessible by its patrons and general public alike. Range anxiety is the one of the largest stumbling blocks for a customer to move from internal combustion fossil fuel powered vehicles to Electric Vehicles. Considering Marriott’s presence across the globe, we would want to play a part in reducing that anxiety by providing chargers in our properties where the road warriors can park and recharge their vehicles as well as recharge themselves while waiting for vehicle batteries to be charged.”