Uber has set a target of one in four trips requested via the Uber app to be emission-free by 2030 in the UAE.

Speaking at a recent Uber Ignite talk series, Uber EMEA Head Anabel Diaz said: “Addressing environmental concerns is one of Uber’s fundamental objectives. Over the last decade we’ve already made progress against this goal through a number of product and technological innovations. But we recognise that we have a responsibility to do more. Electrifying the trips taken via our platform is our next key environmental priority. So with both drivers and cities in mind, we are making a series of ambitious, inclusive commitments to help with lesser pollution, and cleaner, healthier, more liveable cities and here, in the Middle East, we are starting in Dubai.”

She added: “UAE’s modern infrastructure and ambitious goals around renewable energy, specifically the Net Zero Strategy and Energy Strategy 2050, make the UAE an ideal candidate and partner in achieving our sustainability goals in this region.”

Globally Uber has committed to becoming a zero-emissions platform by 2040. It has invested US$800m in resources to drivers in the next five years to achieve these goals, and ultimately aims to transition to clean energy in partnership with drivers, industry innovators, and governments.