The Museum of the Future, a new global centre for future thinking, technologies and innovation was launched in the Emirates. The Museum, located in the city of Dubai, is a permanent exhibition of inspiring visions for the future of humanity and a global centre for inspiration, innovation and the development of solutions to challenges and opportunities in human development.

Developed by the Dubai Future Foundation, the Museum turns the traditional concept of a museum, as a static display of historical artefacts, on its head. The Museum instead serves as a testbed for new concepts, ideas, visions and innovations that will transform our lives, improve society and benefit the world. It reflects the rapidly evolving intellectual environment in topics such as science, artificial intelligence, space exploration, climate adaptation, urban life and mobility, and will incorporate new thinking, the latest research findings and emerging capabilities in these areas.

The Museum of the Future will contribute to creating a deep and extensive global intellectual movement dedicated to exploring and foreseeing future changes in the fields of innovation, science, economic and cultural development in the service of humanity. As a global centre for the development of futuristic thinking, it will connect thinkers, specialists and experts from all over the world by hosting ongoing forums, research and knowledge sessions throughout the year. The Museum will also disseminate knowledge and research and highlight the most important technological changes, new scientific discoveries and emerging trends.

Al Gergawi said, “This is the most beautiful building on earth. It is beautiful because of its design, it is beautiful because of its message and it is beautiful because of its purpose. We believe that the next 50 years will contain as many new challenges and opportunities, as much change, as the last 500 years – and more. This is the global hub where the world can share visions for that change to come.”