The year 2022 will be the year to make the most of unpredictability, as the world continues to tide through the uncertainties of the pandemic. As travellers remain optimistic about travel possibilities and make up for lost vacation time, recent research by revealed that finding holiday romances is expected to be on Indian travellers’ agenda this year. With the season of love upon us,’s Travel Predictions 2022 research revealed that 2022 will be the time for Indian travellers to branch out and make some new connections.

It is predicted that people will also be making use of their favourite dating apps while on vacation in 2022 with travel providing an exciting opportunity to find love.’s research predicts a resurgence of holiday romances, with 77 per cent of Indian travellers hoping for one on their next trip. In fact, the research also reveals that 74 per cent of Indian travellers would want to stay somewhere close to plenty of nightlife options so that they can meet new people.

Meeting new people is often the starting point of romances. For many, the pandemic meant spending an extended and intense period with our closest friends and loved ones, giving limited face time with new people. In 2022, we expect to see travellers using their vacations as an opportunity to expand their usual social circles, with 81 per cent of Indian travellers wanting to meet new people while away. Furthermore, 77 per cent of Indian travellers look forward to socialising while on vacation in order to expand their social circles.