In October we reported on the signing of a new aviation treaty between Qatar and the EU.

We can now report Qatar Airways is using the agreement to expand in Germany, where it currently serves three cities: Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

Reports from Germany state that Qatar Airways will launch a daily service between Dusseldorf and Doha in the early summer.

The Doha-based airline has already begun advertising for ground staff to work at Dusseldorf airport.

In doing so Qatar Airways would be competing with Emirates, the other Gulf carrier at Dusseldorf.

Aerotelegraph quotes an airport spokesperson for Dusseldorf as saying “It is correct that Qatar Airways is preparing to start this route from Dusseldorf.

“A new long-haul connection to Doha will provide our passengers with further options for making connections [beyond Doha].”

The slot coordination which is responsible for allocating slots at German airports told Aerotelegraph, “Qatar Airways has applied slots for a daily flight”.

When Qatar Airways competes with Emirates it [the competition] is not solely the Middle East region, but of course the many long-haul destinations beyond the Gulf.

A new long-haul airline arriving at Dusseldorf will not please Lufthansa.

As is the case in the UK with British Airways, Lufthansa mainline only flies long-haul from its hubs at Frankfurt and Munich.

Hence a direct service from the regions benefits travellers both in Germany and the Netherlands.

Why the Netherlands? Because from some areas of the country Dusseldorf is far closer than Schiphol.

As notes the Southeast of the Netherlands is a 40-minute drive from Venlo near the German border.

Finally note that the launch date for the new route has not yet been announced.

Business Traveller has contacted Qatar Airways for comment, and will post any response here.