Promising a roaring start to the Year of the Tiger, Far & East at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy One welcomes the Lunar New Year with a specially crafted a la carte menu.

The menu showcases cherished traditional and auspicious dishes eaten at the family dinner on Chinese New Year and spans the week starting February 1st-6th. Usually known as a time for families to come together to celebrate togetherness, joy and prosperity, a Chinese New Year dinner is also known as ‘reunion dinner.’ It is a time for families to unite over delicious home cooked, celebratory dishes.

“Chinese New Year is family time. There are some beloved dishes that we enjoy at our family home and it’s such a joy to recreate those for our guests here. For me, sharing good food with those who matter is the greatest form of celebration.” Says Chef Wong Chin Sheong, Chinese Chef.

Butter Prawns with Egg Floss is a popular dish served during Chinese New Year, and it will be a part of the special menu on offer. Enveloped in a golden eggfloss lace, this is one of Chef Wong’s specialities. HK Style Roast Duck, Stir Fried Tofu with Cashew Nuts, Crispy Crabmeat roll, Cantonese Stir Fried Glass Noodles are some of the special delights, along with the customary Chinese New Year (Yee Sang) or Prosperity Toss Salad.