Many of you will have read our recent news piece regarding Lufthansa and its cancellation of 33,000 flights over the coming weeks.

Lufthansa is not alone. Since our report was posted other carriers have, or will be making schedule adjustments.

Now the Netherlands’ reports that KLM will be cancelling a number of flights between February 7 and March 13.

Officially the reason given is a high amount of staff sickness owing to Covid.

Luchtvaartnieuws says the destinations affected, and how many flights are involved, are currently being finalised.

KLM told the publication, “Passengers will of course be informed and rebooked. We understand that passengers can suffer from this exceptional situation and we also find it very annoying.”

What does this mean for the traveller?

It’s not such an issue if simply flying to and from Amsterdam especially if it’s short-haul. I say that because there will usually be alternative options.

The main problem arises for those travellers transiting Amsterdam and whose itinerary involves one of more long-haul flights.

At the present time all I can advise is to check your flight status with KLM and keep an eye on your emails.