If you are looking for your next travel destination, look no further than this city that is always buzzing with something to do and see. Known as a luxurious getaway with many extravagant sightseeing spots, this city will surely not disappoint. From the golden-hued desert, refreshing nature, magnificent architecture and Islamic cultural splendour this multicultural city has something captivating to offer to everyone. 

A large part of Abu Dhabi’s wondrous character is owed to its majestic dunes. During your time in this city, you must make it a point to embark on a desert adventure. One can try dune bashing, sand boarding, quad bike rides, camel riding and so much more that allows you to revel in the sandy horizons of the city. 

An attraction that is a must visit is the mesmerising Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, undoubtedly one of the city’s most beautiful buildings and the biggest mosque in the UAE. It showcases the rich culture of the city and is a great place to soak in the city’s Islamic history. 

For those who like to indulge themselves in a bit of luxury, there are a multitude of options in this city that will leave you spoilt for choice. From the amazing hotels on the Yas Island, deluxe beach front resorts to the regal Emirates Palace offering a truly royal experience, Abu Dhabi is a city that will not let you miss home. 

Finally, this city is ideal for shopaholics who wish to indulge in a retail experience like no other. A stone’s throw away from the Emirates Palace is the deluxe Marina Mall where one can lose track of time with the endless options available that will appease your inner shopaholic. 

We can promise you that spending your well earned vacation in Abu Dhabi is a good choice.