Virgin Atlantic has extended its Worldwide by Easyjet partnership  to Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast International airports. The service allows customers flying on the airlines to make easier bookings and connections to and from flights at the three airports.

The airline had previously signed up to the connection service at London Gatwick

Worldwide by easyJet launched in September 2017 at London Gatwick with a partnership with Norwegian and Westjet.

Since then it has picked up a number of new partners, with connections offered at Venice Marco Polo, Amsterdam Schiphol, Paris Charles De Gaulle and Orly. By 2020, combined with the connections already available through London Gatwick and Milan Malpensa, over half of the airline’s flights were able to connect to airline partner services and other Easyjet flights in a single booking through the airline’s digital booking portal.

The service has a two hours 30 minutes minimum connecting time, and flights are not held for connecting passengers – passengers who miss a connecting flight are transferred to the next available service. Passengers have to collect hold luggage during the connection time and re-check the luggage for the onward flight.

The airlines say that the extension of the partnership will mean that customers will now be able to connect between EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic flights such as Jersey to New York and Belfast to Barbados, with some connections available on a daily basis from next summer, such as Belfast to Orlando, all via either Manchester, Edinburgh or Belfast.

Manchester connections include:

Belfast to Barbados (based on departing on 18 December returning on 3 January)

  • easyJet departs Belfast 08:10 arrive Manchester 09:15
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Manchester 11:45 arrive Barbados 16:55
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Barbados 19:45 arrive Manchester 08:15+1
  • easyJet departs Manchester 12:10 arrive Belfast 13:10

Belfast to Orlando (based on departing on 29th July and returning on 11th August)

  • easyJet departs Belfast 08:15 arrives Manchester 09:15
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Manchester 11:20 arrives Orlando 16:15
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Orlando 16:10 arrives Manchester 05:20+1
  • easyJet departs Manchester 08:40 arrives Belfast 09:40

Geneva to New York Return (based on departing on 19th December and returning on 27th December)

  • easyJet departs Geneva 09:50 arrives Manchester 10:45
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Manchester 13:55 arrives New York JFK 17:00
  • Virgin Atlantic departs New York JFK 20:00 arrives Manchester 07:45+1
  • easyJet departs Manchester 10:55 arrives Prague 13:45

Jersey to New York Return (based on departing on 7th July and returning on 17th July)

  • easyJet departs Jersey 09:20 arrives Manchester 10:40
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Manchester 13:05 arrives New York JFK 16:10
  • Virgin Atlantic departs New York JFK 18:40 arrives Manchester 06:25+1
  • easyJet departs Manchester 11:15 arrives Jersey 12:35

Malaga to Orlando return (based on departing on 5th August and returning on 21st August)

  • easyJet departs Malaga 06:40 arrives Manchester 08:45
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Manchester 11:20 arrives Orlando 16:15
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Orlando 18:15 arrives Manchester 07:25+1
  • easyJet departs Manchester 09:25 arrives Malaga 13:30

Edinburgh/Belfast connections

Birmingham to Orlando (based on departing on 25th June and returning on 10th July)

  • easyJet departs Birmingham at 07:50 arrives Manchester 09:05
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Edinburgh 11:20 for Orlando 16:15
  • Virgin Atlantic departs Orlando 18:45 arrives Manchester 07:30+1
  • easyJet departs Belfast at 09:30 arrives Birmingham 10:35