While Covid-19 is not yet in the rearview mirror, a sense of hope is beginning to set in. To explore this rolling wave of travel optimism, Booking.com has commissioned extensive research with more than 24,000 travellers across 31 countries and territories one including India, combining it with its proprietary data and insights as a digital travel leader for the past 25 years, to predict how travel will continue to be redefined in 2022.

As per Booking.com’s ‘Travel Predictions 2022 Research’, 2022 will be the year to make the most of unpredictability and start making up for lost vacation time in a big way, with the number of travellers who feel they need to do so having increased by 52 per cent since last year. Booking.com’s predictions reveal how people will be reigniting the travel spark in the upcoming year. Whether it’s as an essential part of a self-care regime or the thrill of just saying yes to whatever travel opportunities and experiences come their way, it’s all about seizing the day in 2022 and making every trip matter.

More so than daily exercise or mindful meditation, getting away on vacation will become THE form of self-care in 2022, with over 84 per cent of Indian travellers affirming that travel helps their mental and emotional wellbeing more than other forms of rest and relaxation. After more than a year of ever-evolving travel restrictions, the important benefits that travel has on health and wellbeing are now being acknowledged. Booking.com’s Travel Predictions research reveals that 85 per cent of Indian travellers believe that having a vacation planned has a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing and 69 per cent of Indian travellers say that they didn’t realise how important travel was to their wellbeing until it was no longer an option.

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