Lufthansa is set to charge passengers in long-haul economy and premium economy cabins for snacks and spirits from December 1.

Passengers in these cabins already receive a main meal and drinks free-of-charge, but will soon be given the option of purchasing additional snacks and spirits as part of the carrier’s Onboard Delights menu. The airline stated:

“Especially between meals, guests’ wishes are very individual – Lufthansa is meeting this demand now with a wider selection”

The service will initially be rolled out across 37 long-haul routes to North America, South America, Asia and South Africa at the start of next month, and will then be introduced to all intercontinental flights in spring 2022. It can only be ordered on board and booking in advance is not possible.

Analysis from our consumer editor Alex McWhirter:

“I could understand Lufthansa acting this way if it involved only those services to North America where almost airlines have made catering cutbacks in recent years (however Jetblue has reintroduced ‘old-style’ economy catering for its New York-London route). What I cannot understand is why Lufthansa is doing this for premium economy customers. 

Moreover why make passengers pay for Onboard Delights on routes to Asia, South Africa or South America where fares are high and, in the case of Asia, where competition is the fiercest in the world.

Lufthansa works closely with Singapore Airlines (SIA). Yet it was SIA who, as a non-IATA airline in the 1970s, offered European customers the very best service and prompted the latter (who were IATA members) to pull up their socks.”

Earlier this year the airline launched a buy-on-board offering for economy class passengers on short- and medium-haul flights:

Lufthansa unveils buy-on-board offering

The menu includes items such as Baumkuchen from Dallmayr (€7), kettle chips made from organic potatoes (€3), and the Share organic nut bar (€3.50). Every purchase of the nut bar includes a donation of one meal to the help alliance Sunshine Project in India, a charity supported by the Lufthansa Group.

The drinks menu includes Champagne Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée (€15 for 200ml), Mionetto il Spriz (€6 for 200ml) and a variety of spirits including Baileys Irish Cream, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Grey Goose Vodka (€6-7 for 50ml).