Hardly was the ink dry from reporting on BA restarting A380 flights to Johannesburg, than three further superjumbo services have appeared on British Airway’s website.

The next three A380 destinations are Dallas, San Francisco and Singapore, joining Miami, Los Angeles and Dubai as previously reported.

All flights are available for booking right now. A380 flights commence March 27, 2022 and the schedules are expected to be daily.

At time of writing the airline had yet to announce the news but one airport at least,  Dallas Fort Worth, has broken the news.

Schedules are as follows:


  • BA193  departing London Heathrow at 1315, arriving into Dallas at 1710
  • BA192  departing Dallas at 1915, arriving into London Heathrow at 1015 the following day

Heathrow-San Francisco

  • BA025  departing London Heathrow at 1110, arriving into San Francisco at 1415
  • BA024 departing San Francisco at 1650, arriving into London Heathrow at 1055 the following day


  • BA011 departing London Heathrow at 1955, arriving into Singapore at 1605 the following day
  • BA012 departing Singapore at 2315, arriving into London Heathrow at 0550 the following day

Those flight numbers BA 11 and BA 12 are famous for Kangaroo Route operation. Some readers may be wondering whether BA will eventually extend A380 service to Sydney.

Of course it could happen at some stage (although BA would play down any suggestion right now) but the market would have to grow and the other issue is one of A380 utilisation.

As we have said many times before if BA operates an A380 transatlantic it can fit in more sectors (than it could for Sydney) and thereby gain lots more revenue.

In addition with Singapore Airlines soon to return its A380 to the London route BA needs to stay competitive (although I agree March 2022 is a long time to wait).

Singapore Airlines to resume A380 flights to the UK