A new experience designed to awaken the senses and enjoy the silence of Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla, has launched.

Hegra After Dark, which is part of the AlUla Moments programme, sees 2,000-3,000 battery operated candles placed by the entrance of one of the Hegra Tombs, where seating areas inspired by the Nabataean Civilisation are engulfed in the aroma of incense. The experience comprises three sessions.

The first experience awakens the senses of guests in a darkened sensorium to taste, hear, smell, touch and see what the Nabataeans experienced every day. This is coupled with finger food prepared and served by Ferrandi students. The set-up includes rugs, floor cushions, low tables.

The second experience involves an entertaining and immersive performance about a Nabataean warrior queen. The ‘Queen Shaklith Historical Re-enactment’ can be booked in English or Arabic. Guests end the evening with a stunning stargazing experience at Hegra, learning about the concepts of Astrology and Cosmology as practiced in the Nabataean civilisation, and understanding the importance of the stars and the stories they hold.

Hegra After Dark is a weekend experience, running from Thursday to Saturday for six weeks starting November 4, with two daily night sessions starting at 7 pm and 9 pm. With a limited number of attendees of 30 per session, this is a sensory, boutique experience that needs to be booked in advance.