Hydrogen-electric aviation solutions firm Zeroavia has announced plans for zero emission commercial passenger flights between Rotterdam The Hague airport and London in 2024.

The group is partnering with the airport, Royal Schiphol Group, and Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport Foundation on the initiative, which if successful will see a 19-seater aircraft operate between the two cities.

The firms said that they are “in advanced partnership talks with airlines to agree on an operator for the planned route” – its has yet to be announced which London airport would be used for the service.

The aircraft – which is currently under construction – will use hydrogen fuel cells to power electric motors, with the only emission being “water vapour at manageable temperatures”.

Zeroavia said that “The deal sets a solid timeline for the launch of the first zero emission commercial passenger flights between the UK and the Netherlands, and potentially the first international commercial operation in the world”.

The partnership will see Zeroavia and Royal Schiphol Group collaborating on “testing and demonstrating hydrogen supply chain refuelling operations and integration with airport operations”, as well as “ensuring the pathway for commercially adopting hydrogen-electric aviation, including establishing the right regulatory framework and understanding industry and public appetite for zero emissions flight powered by hydrogen”.

In December 2020 British Airways announced a partnership with Zeroavia to explore “the transformational possibilities of moving from fossil fuels to zero-emission hydrogen to power the airline’s future fleet”.

British Airways partners with Zeroavia to explore hydrogen-powered aircraft

Commenting on the news Sergey Kiselev, Head of Europe, at Zeroavia, said: ​

​“This deal means that, in just three years’ time, you should be able to board a flight and make the hour journey between the UK and the Netherlands without worrying about the impact on the climate.

“Working with partners like Royal Schiphol Group, we are making true zero emission flights a reality for passengers in the first half of this decade.”