In a major change of plan Qatar Airways has decided to return some of its A380s to service.

From mid-December the plan is to operate two A380 flights between Doha and London Heathrow, with one A380 being used on the route to Paris CDG.

Readers will welcome the move. The A380 has so much passenger appeal as so many travellers around the world can testify.

Business Traveller has checked the airline’s website and these flights are shown as being operated by the A380 from December 15.

The flights are as follows:

QR9 Doha-London Heathrow 0150-0650 (following day)

QR6 London Heathrow-Doha 0800-1750

QR3 Doha-London Heathrow 0740-1210

QR4 London Heathrow-Doha 1410-2355

And …

QR39 Doha-Paris CDG 0755-1305

QR40 Paris CDG-Doha 1505-2330

Today’s news is all the more surprising because last April the airline’s CEO Akbar Al Baker told blogger Sam Chui that “there is no future for the A380.”

As I have noted many times previously nothing in aviation is set in stone.

Qatar Airways is having to reactivate its A380s because of issues with its A350 fleet which has resulted in a loss of capacity.

Qatar Airways grounds 13 A350 aircraft over fuselage concerns

Please bear in mind that changes are possible. These A380s have to be reactivated before they can be deployed.

However as noted above the A380 has today been included in the schedules to London and Paris effective December 15.