Rosewood Hong Kong places importance on beverage sustainability and elevates it to new heights in partnership with ecoSPIRITS – the world’s first closed-loop spirits technology that aims to reduce the carbon impact of premium spirits by up to 80 per cent by eliminating the usage of single-use glass bottles.

Arkadiusz Rybak and Simone Rossi, the talented duo from DarkSide (the lounge ranked #40 in Asia’s Best Bars List 2021) have worked closely together with Asaya Kitchen’s Bar Manager Francois Cavalier to create a menu of the innovative ecoCOCKTAILS. All of the newly curated cocktails will be available at all food & beverage outlets of Rosewood, Hong Kong.

“We’re excited to share the flavour potential of sustainable cocktails, that point the way to the future of the bar industry,” says Arkadiusz Rybak, director of bars at Rosewood Hong Kong. “Behind the scenes, by using ecoSPIRITS at Rosewood Hong Kong, we’re able to reduce our glass bottle waste tremendously as well as minimise the amount of storage required for spirits, so it’s a sustainable win-win for both bar and guests.”

To further celebrate the growing awareness of the low-carbon revolution across the bar industry, DarkSide hosts masterclasses in sustainable mixology, for at-home mixologists who wish to join the wave of creating flavourful, environmentally conscious cocktails.

In 2020, ecoSPIRITS estimated that more than 40 billion glass bottles of spirits were consumed worldwide, with the vast majority ending up in landfills. The company eliminates glass and cardboard packaging waste, which increases shipping efficiency for high-end spirits with the use of reusable 4.5L ecoTOTE containers. After being emptied, ecoTOTES are returned, sanitised, fitted with tamper-proof seals and re-distributed back to bars and restaurants.