Fully vaccinated customers in Singapore and Germany will soon be able to benefit from quarantine-free travel between the two countries with Singapore Airlines, thanks to the new Vaccinated Travel Lane programme.

The VTL permits customers to travel quarantine-free from Germany to Singapore, providing they have been fully vaccinated in either country with an approved vaccine, and have stayed in Germany or Singapore for at least 21 consecutive days before departure.

In the opposite direction, customers can enjoy quarantine-free travel from Singapore to Germany, providing they are either a Singapore citizen or permanent resident who has stayed in the country for at leats the last six months, or are fully vaccinated and have not stayed in an “area of variant concern” during the last ten days.

Eligible customers must travel on dedicated VTL flights, the first of which will depart Frankfurt for Singapore on September 7 (flight SQ325) and from Munich on September 8 (flight SQ331).

Going forward there will be three weekly VTL flights between Frankfurt and Singapore, and two between Munich and Singapore. More details on these flight schedules can be seen here.

Customers who have already booked to fly on services which will now become dedicated VTL flights, will be contacted, and can opt to rebook onto other flights if they do not meet the VTL requirements.

Full details on VTL eligibility, including testing and insurance requirements, can be seen here. Passengers transiting through Singapore are not eligible for VTL flights.

SIA also said that “In the event of suspension of the Vaccinated Travel Lanes, Singapore Airlines will adhere to the guidance of the regulators and customers will be informed of any change”.

The move follows Singapore’s lifting of quarantine requirements for certain travellers from Germany, Brunei and Macao.

Earlier this week the governments of Hong Kong and Singapore announced that they would no longer be pursuing plans for the much-delayed Air Travel Bubble (ATB) between the two destinations.

Singapore’s Ministry of Transport cited “differences in strategies”, with “Singapore now taking steps towards becoming a Covid-resilient nation”.

Hong Kong and Singapore abandon plans for travel bubble