Indigo has commenced operations from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

The low-cost carrier has launched exclusive connections from Jabalpur to Mumbai and Delhi, starting from today. The airline will also connect Jabalpur with Hyderabad and Indore, starting from August 28, 2021.

Flight Schedule:

Flight No Departure Arrival Time of departure Time of arrival Frequency
6E 2016 Delhi Jabalpur 0900 1020 Daily
6E 2017 Jabalpur Delhi 1050 1220 Daily
6E 917 Mumbai Jabalpur 0625 0815 Daily
6E 916 Jabalpur Mumbai 0845 1010 Daily
6E 7742 Indore Jabalpur 0745 0920 Daily
6E 7743 Jabalpur Hyderabad 0940 1155 Daily
6E 7744 Hyderabad Jabalpur 1230 1445 Daily
6E 7745 Jabalpur Indore 1505 16:40 Daily

The new connections will strengthen connectivity to and from Jabalpur, in addition to fulfilling the demand for enhanced regional connectivity.

Sanjay Kumar, chief strategy and revenue officer, Indigo said:

“We are pleased to launch our flight operations from Jabalpur, which marks the fructification of our plan to connect seven regional destinations on the 6E network this year. These direct connections will not only enhance trade and commerce but also promote tourism in Jabalpur, especially at this time when Indians are increasingly looking towards domestic vacations to rejuvenate and destress.

“Jabalpur has a lot of tourist attractions, be it the mesmerising Dhuandhar Falls or the tallest statue of Lord Shiva, making it a perfect hub for domestic tourism. As Indian travellers go local, we are committed to providing an affordable, on-time, safe, and hassle-free travel experience, onboard our lean clean flying machine.”