Earlier this year we brought you news of the next generation of night trains.

Austria’s OEBB was unveiling details of the 13 complete Nightjet trains which had been ordered from manufacturer Siemens.

What sets these trains apart is that they are designed for the next generation of night train customers. Siemens claims they will have features for today’s corporate users including more individual space thanks to a new onboard layout.

Night trains have become fashionable once again in this year of European rail. So it’s no surprise that today OEBB has announced a further order of no fewer than 20 complete trains from Siemens.

They will be needed to cope with OEBB’s Nightjet expansion in the years ahead.

OEBB CEO Andreas Mattha says:

“Calling up to 20 additional Nightjets is an important step in positioning OEBB as the market leader in Europe’s night train business.

“OEBB is already Europe’s largest train operator,  we will further reinforce our position and offer our travellers first class comfort.”

Night trains are not only expensive to manufacture but it takes years before they can enter service.

OEBB’s initial order will not be in service until December 2022. And today’s order for 20 new trains are not expected to enter service until 2025.

Stay tuned for a feature on night trains in the forthcoming September issue of Business Traveller.