Last year we reported on Loganair flying into London Heathrow for the very first time.

The Scottish airline had transferred its Isle of Man route from London City to Heathrow.

But this morning comes news that Loganair will be axing the above route next month, with the final flight service operating on August 10.

There is no indication right now whether or not another airline will take over the route either to Heathrow or City.

Loganair says it had to take this difficult decision because the route is partly funded by the Isle of Man Government and the latter will not provide financial support beyond the end of July.

On the surface this decision is a blow to the Manx people. Not only was Loganair providing a link to the mainland but, in serving Heathrow, it was providing global connections.

Kay Ryan, Loganair’s CCO, said:

“We regret having to take this decision to cancel the Heathrow service and also very much regret the inconvenience to our customers. The sharp rise in costs of operating services at London’s premier airport coupled to the slower-than-expected rebound in passenger numbers after the pandemic mean that the route is not viable unless it has financial support from the Isle of Man Government.

“We were given to understand the connectivity we can provide via codeshare agreements with our international airline partners at Heathrow was of vital importance to the Island community, and it has therefore come as an unwelcome surprise that the Isle of Man Government foresees no continuing requirement for the route.”

There is another air service to the capital, with Easyjet operating to London Gatwick once daily.

Last month we reported on Loganair’s expanded schedules from the Isle of Man and, Heathrow excepted, the copy remains accurate (at the time of writing).

Loganair increases Isle of Man schedules by 70 per cent