Rajasthan’s new eco-tourism policy will attract domestic travellers as well as create employment opportunities said the minister of state for forest and environment Sukram Bishnoi in his latest tweet.

The new eco-tourism policy will be helpful in promoting the tourism industry in the state which is hit by the pandemic.

Bishnoi tweeted, “Due to the cultural, geographical and ecological diversities of Rajasthan, the tourism industry has great importance in the economy of the state.  Tourism industry can be increased by promoting eco-tourism along with general tourism and unique employment opportunities can be created for the people of the state.

“New possibilities have emerged in the last years and with the vast changes in the eco-tourism landscape. The new policy covers all kinds of activities conducive to environmental and ecological conservation including trekking, bird watching, hiking, boating, overnight camping, safaris, and cycling.”

Meanwhile, the Rajasthan government has eased the Covid-19 restrictions across the state and has also decided to reopen cinema halls, theatres, and multiplexes with certain guidelines.

In addition to this, there will be no weekend restrictions in the state.