Next year sees LNER revamp its East Coast Mainline (ECML) timetable and it seeks customer feedback.

Those customers wishing to take part will find the consultation runs until August 5.

LNER is promising a major increase in capacity from London King’s Cross over the ECML to Yorkshire, the Northeast and Scotland (Edinburgh).

In particular there will be a major capacity increase to ‘red wall’ destinations.

This is in addition to its planned Middlesbrough service which we recently covered.

LNER plans ‘red wall’ expansion

ECML infrastructure improvements have allowed LNER to add more trains.

Readers who have used King’s Cross station in recent months cannot have failed to notice the improvements being made.

Highlights of the new timetable are:

  • London-Edinburgh to gain up to 1,500 seats per day each way compared to 2019
  • London-Newcastle to gain 7,500 seats per day each way compared to 2019
  • London-Leeds will gain 3,000 extra seats compared to 2019 (further details unavailable)

Journeys will be speeded up by around ten to 15 minutes for Newcastle and Edinburgh (Leeds is to be advised later).

Details can be found on this mammoth PDF document which extends to 139 pages.

All timetable changes see winners and losers. LNER is considered the prime ECML operator. So the new timetable is expected to see those train firms using the ECML’s northern section having to modify their schedules.

Use the link below for your comments to LNER.