A new museum dedicated to Olympics has opened in Athens.

Located on the first floor of the Golden Hall, The Athens Olympic Museum is well-connected via a footbridge with the Athens Olympic Center “Spiros Louis” (O.A.K.A.) Maroussi district. The museum has been developed to showcase Athens as an Olympic capital and the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Here, visitors will be able to explore the history of the Olympic Games, through a chronological narration, which highlights the three pivotal periods of the Olympic Ideal: the Birth (Ancient Olympia), the Revival (Athens 1896) and the Return of the Olympic Games in Greece (Athens 2004).

The Museum showcases “the principles and values, the structure of the Olympic movement, the message of global peace, the sports and the athletes, the Greek Olympic and Paralympic athletes, the organisations, and institutions.”

The museum adopts state-of-the-art recreational learning techniques, offering a plethora of interpretive media, interactive exhibits (hybrid and digital), installations with original items and heirlooms, from antiquity to modern Olympic Games.

The Athens Olympic Museum also houses the Café – Restaurant 1896 that offers a mix of Greek and Mediterranean flavours.

Sports enthusiasts will be able to shop a variety of exclusive and official products, memorabilia, and gifts, from the authorised Athens Olympic Museum store located inside the Athens Olympic Museum.

Image source: athensolympicmuseum.org