Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is offering a range of new and interesting delicacies in its takeaway option. Relish Indian, Western and Asian delights in the comfort of your home. Chefs at the hotel are ensuring that the menu is rotational, to retain the newness.

“There’s something utterly delightful about opening the packing of a dish that one adores, letting the aroma take over and then digging into that familiar goodness. Or even unboxing a surprising new dish, and letting your senses be enthralled,” said Executive Sous Chef Dirham Haque about his rotational menus that aim to instill a newness, while also reserving a place for some adored classics that guests are familiar with.

Niftily packaged bento boxes are available. Compartmentalised with gourmet delights, the bento boxes are available in varied options such as Asian (available on weekends), Western and Indian delicacies.

  • ₹2,600+ taxes for two persons for Indian and Western bento
  • An Asian bento box from Far & East, available on weekends, includes the restaurant’s signature sushi, sashimi, noodles and mains and is priced at ₹4,000+ taxes for two persons.

For special occasions at home, order artisanal cakes and bakes from Cakes by Four Seasons programme created by Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru. Enjoy the white chocolate and hazelnut magnum, a delightful coming together of silky white chocolate, lightly hinted with nutty undertones of hazelnut; or the praline and salted caramel cake, which is an explosion of flavours.

Other items on the takeaway menu that can be ordered a la carte include biryani, artisanal pizza, soups, pastas and succulent kebabs.

Orders can be made on +91 76191 46004 / 76191 46006.

The hotel has also introduced the Chef’s Specials which are special edition menus featuring all-time favourites such as dim sum chosen by Chef Leong Then, and a sushi selection curated by Chef Atsushi Yonaha.

For the chaat lovers, Chef Anirudh has crafted the chaat bento with DIY tips, so that guests can enjoy these street-food style delights in the comfort of their home, with tips from the chef. With choices of hot and cold chaats, these come with an array of toppings and seasonings, including homemade chutneys.