Oyo has rolled out VaccinAid, a vaccine visibility initiative that shows the vaccine status of staff of its partner hotels.

The main aim of its initiative is to drive awareness and social reinforcement among small and medium hotels and homes to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The hotel aggregator platform believes that vaccine visibility will be a key factor to build trust and confidence among consumers when they are ready to travel again; and thus, promoting vaccination as a cause is very important to the impacted tourism and travel industry.

This follows an internal customer survey conducted by Oyo: 87 per cent respondents said they would prefer hotels with vaccinated staff when they return to stay at hotels.

As a part of the booking journey, with VaccinAid, users on the Oyo app will have visibility on hotels and homes with vaccinated staff, either with the first dose or second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. This enables users to book hotels with immunised staff and thereby acts as an accelerator on both sides of the platform.

“This initiative is crucial to aid the recovery of impacted industries across the board, specifically for travel due to pandemic-led restrictions and the worry of stepping out. Vaccination is the most important initiative to beat the virus. With mass vaccination drives taking place across the country, self-declared vaccine visibility on the app is a simple yet powerful intervention to reinforce trust among consumers. This is also our small way of promoting the larger cause of vaccination among our customer base as well as with our hotel partners and their staff,” says Abhinav Sinha, Global COO & Chief Product Officer, Oyo.