Effective May 17, Thalys will restore some of the schedules it suspended during the current lockdown.

It means that from Paris Nord there will be six trains daily to Brussels, three to Amsterdam and one to Germany.

Thalys, like Eurostar, is an international rail operator. And like Eurostar it has been badly affected by lockdowns and other Covid restrictions.

Indeed the planned merger between Eurostar and Thalys has been postponed as we reported recently.

Eurostar merger with Thalys postponed

However Thalys has been more bullish with scheduling.

Granted Eurostar will increase its London-Paris service to a double-daily frequency at the end of this month.

But, at the time of writing, its London-Amsterdam service via Brussels remains at a single daily frequency.

What about Izy? Thalys’ budget service – which operates between Paris and Brussels – will resume on May 21 with a single daily service initially.

Prospective travellers must check the health requirements and other restrictions with either operator. These are posted on the operators’ websites which are listed below.

thalys.com, izy.com/en