Sri Lanka has announced to open up its first-ever agro-tourism-themed floating resort in Katana.

Located close to the Negombo tourism hub, the Bolagala Floating Agro Tourism Resort will feature 50 floating cabanas, including ten GPS tracker-equipped cabanas. It will also include a floating swimming pool, a floating restaurant along with the main restaurant, a pub and karaoke lounge, an underwater spa, and a gym.

A wide range of activities and unique tour experiences will be offered to visitors, including water sports expeditions, visiting organic greenhouses, bicycle, and jogging tracks, fishing, tennis court, and experiencing an electric car.

The resort will also offer an organic farming experience where visitors will get insights into farming activity in Sri Lanka.

The Bolagala Floating Agro Tourism Resort is still under construction and is set to be completed in two phases.

The first phase of the resort is already completed and will be opening in June 2021. The first phase involves three suite rooms, 27 deluxe rooms, three GPS movable rooms, a floating swimming pool, and a restaurant. Other remaining rooms and functioning of the resort will be completed in the second phase.

Commenting on the news, Kimarli Fernando, chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism said:

“Sustainable and eco-friendly products are the future for tourism particularly post Covid-19 and we look to the industry to be innovative and create unique experiences such as this project.

“I  thank all the government agencies for their collaboration in granting approvals for a challenging project of this nature understanding the value of the project for the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.”

Image Credit: Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority