Atmantan Wellness Centre has ventured into nutraceutical and supplements by launching a new wellness-tech platform called Atmantan NATURALS.

This tele-health portal has a team of experienced scientists and doctors curating natural herbal supplements to create high efficacy, disease reversal solutions.

The brand says that the venture aims to offer its consumers the irreplaceable intelligence of a prescription-based approach, where the individual has access to virtual consultations with a chosen team of healers, doctors, and nutritionists.

All the supplements are FSSAI certified and will exclusively be available on Atmantan NATURALS website. Atmantan NATURALS are “all-natural, extract-based and high efficacy herbal and nutritional supplements (with no side effects) that help cure a wide range of ailments. ”

Dr. Manoj Kutteri, founder and chief healing officer said:

“The team at Atmantan NATURALS researches and puts together pure and natural extracts from medicinal plants which then when used in the right combinations, enables effective and efficient solutions to realign and cure the disease pathways in the body.

“With this new venture, we hope to bring to our customers the benefits of centuries-old ayurvedic herbs, holistic health, while delivering them exceptional lifestyle transformations and supplements that bridge the nutritional gap in the body.”

Nikhil Kapur, co-founder of Atmantan NATURALS said:

“In these times of enhanced health awareness, we know that we all needed for reliable life-transforming solutions; With Atmantan NATURALS we launch a well-tech service so that people can now achieve greater heights in scaling their personal wellness.

“With extensive research, clinical studies and our ancient healing knowledge, we bring these result-oriented formulas closer to you. Our daily lives will now be healthier, happier and transformed! Atmantan Naturals are purely herbal supplements, which are prescribed to you by our healers for your lifestyle enhancement; this is the key to unlock your health!.”