Malaysia Airlines’ parent company Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) has unveiled a new Sustainability Blueprint, which aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, as well as the promotion of socio-economic development.

The group said that it has 66 initiatives “in various phases of implementation”, across five key areas: Economic, Governance, Safety and Security, Environmental, and Social.

MAG said that “as a starting goal for the Blueprint, the Group will work towards bringing several aspects of the business up to industry-leading standards in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030”.

Areas that Blueprint covers include:

  • Emission reduction and fuel conservation
  • Gender equality by increasing the number of women in decision making positions
  • Decent work and economic growth through gainful employment
  • Responsible Consumption and Production of all products
  • Climate Change

Among the more specific targets, MAG is aiming to reduce its overall CO2 emissions by 25 million kilograms this year. The group also wants reach 50 per cent usage of biodegradable materials for inflight operations, and for 50 per cent of flight waste to be recycled / upcycled by 2025.

Malaysia Airlines is working with CORSIA on carbon offsetting initiatives (for more information on the scheme click here), and the group says it has also been pushing digitalization efforts, leading to shorter processes and faster lead times.

Commenting on the news MAG’s Group CEO Captain Izham Ismail, said:

“As we look forward and seek to create a brighter future for the national aviation services group, we have to be conscious and work towards creating a future that also elevates and protects the communities we are present in.

“In the long run, our sustainability initiatives will drive us to be a more responsible, efficient and effective organization, with the character and mindset to be environmentally responsible, the leadership to empower and develop our workforce expertise, the responsibility to spearhead safety leadership, the experience to go above and beyond compliance, and the ingenuity to maintain and grow profitability and resilience.

“Together we will create a greener world, to ensure the lives we touch may continue to flourish, and actively play our role as the national carrier and helping the nation fly ever higher.”