Indian airlines will not be permitted to serve food and beverage on domestic flights with a duration of less than two hours, said the Ministry of Civil Aviation as coronavirus cases continue to rise in India

The ban will come into effect from April 15, 2021.

On flights with a duration of more than two hours, the meal service should be staggered among the adjacent seats as far as possible, said the latest order from the ministry.

The order also stated that tray set-up, plates, and cutlery will be completely disposable with no re-use. Cleaned and disinfected rotables will be used.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation tweeted:

“In all classes, tea/coffee/alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage services will be in disposable cans containers/bottles/glasses. There will be no pouring service and beverages will be served in single-use disposable units.

“All used disposable and reusable meal trays/plates/cutlery will be disposed of in the trash bags/carts by the crew. At the end of the meal service. The crew shall wear a fresh set of gloves for every meal beverage service.”

The ministry allowed to serve onboard meals under strict conditions when scheduled domestic flights resumed last year on May 25.