The upgraded North Runway at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru has commenced operations.

The North Runway was closed since June 2020 for renovation purposes that included strengthening the surface with fresh layers of asphalt and the addition of two new taxiways to enable efficient runway operations.

The Runway will continue to be categorised as CAT I. However, it has been enhanced with new installations such as LED Runway Centreline lighting, Inset Runway Edge Lights and Taxiway Centreline Lighting and two new mid-point Transmissometers. All these installations will be commissioned later this year.

With the CAT IIIB-equipped South Runway becoming operational since December 6, 2019, these enhancements are expected to offer the airport the flexibility to operate both runways in low visibility and adverse weather conditions.

The enhanced equipment enable aircraft to take-off from the North Runway with a Runway Visual Range (RVR) of 125 metres and land at 550 metres RVR. The South Runway is designated as RWY 09R/27L, while the North Runway is RWY 09L/27R.

The airport said, “The two operational runways at BLR Airport will provide the necessary impetus to cater to this demand and boost the growth of Karnataka and India. The two Runways will further bolster BIAL’s vision to transform BLR Airport into the new gateway to India.”