Indian low-cost carrier Indigo has announced that it has processed 99.95 per cent of the total amount owed to its customers whose flights had been cancelled during the lockdown.

In September last year, Supreme Court had instructed all the airlines to fully refund the passengers, whose flights were cancelled during the lockdown period (March 25, 2020, to May 24, 2020).

Indigo stated that it has already paid out close to ₹1,030 crore of refunds. The pending credit shells are mostly cash transactions wherein the airline is awaiting bank transfer details from the customers, added Indigo.

Ronojoy Dutta, chief executive officer, Indigo said:

“The sudden onset of Covid-“19 and the resulting lockdown, brought our operations to a complete halt by the end of March of 2020. As our incoming cash flow through ticket sales got impacted, we were unable to immediately process refunds for cancelled flights and had to create credit shells for the refunds that were due to our customers.

However, with the resumption of operations and a steady increase in demand for air travel, our priority has been to refund the credit shell amounts in an expedited manner. We are pleased to share that we have disbursed 99.95 per cent credit shell payments and will complete the remaining payments as soon as we receive the requisite details from the customers.

“We would like to thank all our customers who stood by us for their patience and understanding during this unprecedented crisis”.