Greece plans to open up for tourism from May 14, 2021.

The destination, however, will allow only those tourists who have been either vaccinated before their travel or have developed antibodies or have a negative Covid-19 report.

This decision to restart international travel was announced by the Greek tourism minister Harry Theoharis. He said, “After the most vulnerable people are vaccinated, the health authorities will prioritise people working in the hospitality sector.”

Commenting on the efforts taken by the department of Greek tourism, Gloria Guevara, president, and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) said:

“This clear roadmap to recovery could reopen the door to a bumper summer of travel for sun-starved holidaymakers looking to get away to Greece and provide a significant boost to the country’s economy.

“It also lays out the pathway which other countries could follow, in a bid to kickstart safe travel and help revive their own stricken economies.

“In 2019, its travel and tourism sector contributed 20.8 per cent to the nation’s overall GDP (€39.1BN) and supported more than one-fifth of all jobs.”