Airport drop-off fees always elicit much reader feedback.

So today I have some good news (for customers) concerning Dublin airport.

Last September we reported that Dublin was following its UK counterparts with plans for drop-off and pick-up fees.

Dublin airport proposes ‘drop-off’ fee

However the Irish Times now reports that these plans have been rejected by the Fingal County Council.

The council refused permission for the necessary road infrastructure and works which would have allowed the scheme to proceed.

It appears we can thank Ryanair for this rejection.

According to the Irish Times, Ryanair had lodged an objection. It argued that the proposals “would have a negative impact on customer experience and have an additional financial cost to passengers.”

In a statement DAA (the airport’s operators) said “The safety and security of passengers and staff is always DAA’s main priority. DAA does not compromise on safety and would never lodge a planning application which it felt was unsafe in any way.”

Is this the first time any such scheme in the UK or Ireland has met with opposition from the Council?

Many, if not most UK airports now have drop-off fees of one sort or another with London Gatwick being the latest.

Gatwick to charge vehicles using North Terminal forecourt from next month

Airports originally said these fees were necessary as a “security measure.”

Now they are saying the fees generate revenue to compensate for weak passenger numbers.

However it’s not the end of the matter. Dublin airport can still appeal to have the decision overturned. We await developments with interest.