Spicejet has tied-up with Wheeltug Plc for reserving 400 production slots for the electric taxi system. This partnership will aid the low-cost airline in saving fuel, reducing CO­­2 emissions as well as noise levels, and improving its fleet utilisation.

The Wheeltug system places high-torque motors in the nose wheels of the aircraft. Pilots control the aircraft themselves, performing ground operations without requiring tugs for manoeuvres.

By keeping jet engines off in tight areas, the airline will lower its emissions.

Additionally, Spicejet gate and stand operations will be faster and helpful in eliminating unexpected long delays affecting the schedule on any given day.

 Based in the Isle of Man, Wheeltug plc is developing the Wheeltug aircraft electric drive system. More than 25 airlines representing 2000+ aircraft have reserved slots for Wheeltug systems.

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