Every hour many trains operate between London St Pancras and Luton Airport Parkway.

Until now all but one are operated by Thameslink. But from the May timetable change East Midlands Railway intends to operate a nonstop service every half an hour, covering the journey in 30 minutes.

I must point out that Luton Airport Parkway is the nearest mainline station to the airport. Travellers need to take a shuttle bus over the final stretch to the airport.

However matters are set to improve now that a £200 million DART transit is under construction.

The airport stop is actually a calling point on the newly electrified route linking St Pancras with Corby.

It will provide connection possibilities for travellers coming from the South and the North.

Additional stops north of Luton would be Bedford, Wellingborough and Kettering.

The news first appeared  in local media over a year ago but the trains’ introduction was delayed owing to Covid-19.

EMR’s Corby route will be operated by 21 of Siemens’ 360 trains which are being transferred from Greater Anglia.

These are similar to those Siemens trains operating Heathrow Connect.

Testing and driver training is now taking place and videos have appeared on YouTube to this effect.

It is reported in the railway press that EMR will be undertaking a full refurbishment of its 360s.

These are unusual times, so rail operators are slow to release advance schedules – changes are possible.