Korean Air is the latest airline to operate a sightseeing flight, following similar moves by All Nippon Airways, HK Express, and Qantas.

Approval to operate the flight to nowhere was granted by Korea’s aviation regulator, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, to the Skyteam carrier for a February 27 departure.

However, unlike other airlines, Korean Air plans to operate the sightseeing flight internationally. The flight will likely be routed through neighbouring Japan, according to the Korean Herald.

In a statement to Business Traveller, a Korean Air spokesperson said:

“We have been getting some requests from the tourism industry. We’re currently in preparation for operation of the sightseeing flight, and discussing time of the sale with related parties such as agencies.”

The spokesperson added that while exact details are yet to be confirmed, the airline is “reviewing possible impacts very carefully, especially considering the safety of the travel”.

Korean Air’s announcement comes after Asiana Airlines cancelled its international flight to nowhere in December following a resurgence in local Covid-19 cases. 

The Star Alliance rival is also set to be acquired by Korean Air, effectively creating a mega flag carrier, so as to increase the competitiveness of the Korean aviation industry, according to the airline.