Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has awarded the contract for a  cloud-based Integrated Project Monitoring Software (IPMS) to the Mansycom-Nadhi-Excelize consortium. This is for the development, implementation, and maintenance of the IPMS for the civil, electrical and system works for DMRC’s upcoming projects.

The consortium comprises Delhi-based Mansycom Consultants as the lead partner, Chennai-based Nadhi Information Technologies as the technology partner, and Aurangabad-based Excelize Engineering Services as the delivery partner.

The IPMS solution will go live in March this year. It will be based on Nadhi’s nPulse, a Made in India platform for integrated project controls.

DMRC will access the application using public cloud services to manage deliverables, solve issues, collect field data, share files, submittals, drive project performance and get project insights.

The software will facilitate a smooth flow of data from sites to various HQs and various project officials with personalised dashboards and appropriate interfaces.

Users can interact with the platform through a mobile app for capturing various data and photographs from the site.

Suresh Kumar Gupta, managing director of Mansycom Consultants said:

“The IPMS Project from DMRC is a very prestigious contract as DMRC is the largest metro operator in the country and continues to grow and expand its network.

“This consortium is easily the best suited for a project of this kind as each of the three partners have complementary yet wide-ranging experience in delivering integrated project monitoring and management solutions. This will be a significant milestone for all the three consortium partners.”