Readers will recall our piece earlier last year in which Air France agreed “not to compete with the TGV”.

At the time I believe it was a first, both for the national carrier and France itself.

It was also a condition for Air France receiving €7 billion of state aid.

Now Air France, in conjunction with rail operator SNCF, has introduced what I believe is another ‘first’ at least for Europe. (If I am incorrect then would readers please post a comment below).

Until now Air France’s extensive rail-air programme to Paris operated only to CDG.

That was because Orly (the capital’s second airport) was not linked to the mainline rail network.

In an about turn Air France and SNCF have extended the rail air package to Orly.

The service is now operational and details can be seen here.

The rail air link is essentially between Bordeaux and Paris Orly via Massy. But as you can see from the link above it also includes a number of other towns and cities.

When the TGV reaches Massy passengers are transferred by taxi free of charge to nearby Orly.

Although Orly boasts just a fraction of Air France’s international services it is important for flights to France’s overseas territories or ‘departments.’

In other news today, Le Parisien reports that Air France and KLM face a debt of €13 billion for 2020.

The group’s latest financial results will be released on February 18, so we may expect to hear news of an additional bailout.