The travel and hospitality industry, as we know it, is undergoing a significant change. Needless to say, technology is playing a key role in this ongoing transition with platforms like Zoom offering seamless virtual connectivity.

Business Traveller India exclusively spoke to Sameer Raje, India head, Zoom Video Communications for insights on the digital transformation in the travel and hospitality industry.

He said, “The industry has now started to realise the importance of virtual interaction. We are interacting with a lot of travel and hospitality companies who are now exploring ways on how they can showcase their location virtually to their customers or have a more immersive video interaction with them.

“Earlier when we used to interact with such customers, there was a different kind of mindset, but now they are approaching us.”

By way of the hybrid norm, members of the travel and hospitality sector are able to reduce their expenditure in this revival phase. Elaborating on Zoom’s contribution to this arena, Raje said, “We are helping companies to increase their productivity and also embed our application effortlessly into their websites and software.

“We are trying to make our platform more compatible with the hybrid scenario. One of the features that we have rolled out for Zoom Rooms is that the id admin can control the number of participants and another feature is that when you have someone walking into your organisation, you can share the visitor’s details with the receptionist beforehand. It is known as the virtual reception or a kiosk kind of a mode.”

On the safety front, Zoom has rolled out the ‘At Risk Meeting Notifier’ that scans public posts on social media sites and other public online resources for Zoom meeting links. When it finds publicly posted meeting information that indicates that a given meeting may be at high risk of being disrupted, it notifies the account owners and admins by email.