Easyjet has partnered with two Covid-19 testing companies to provide “convenient and affordable testing” services for its passengers. The move is as a result of testing becoming a requirement for entry into several of the airline’s destinations, including Spain and Italy.

Easyjet has established a partnership with Confirm Testing and City Doc to provide reduced rates for pre-departure tests.

Under this partnership, passengers will receive a code when they book through the Easyjet or Easyjet Holidays websites, allowing them to buy a home test with Confirm Testing for £75 (rather than the non-discounted price of £120), while City Doc rates include £100 for a home test and £150 for an in-clinic test (instead of £150 and £200 respectively).

Both services aim to provide results within 48 hours of the test being returned to them by Royal Mail (for Confirm Testing) or a courier service (for City Doc).

Johan Lundgren, CEO of Easyjet, commented:

“I’m really pleased to be able to offer our customers convenient testing options at cheaper rates than are widely available on the market. This, coupled with the news that quarantine can be reduced with a negative test, is a key step towards travel getting back to normal.

“We continue to push for testing the efficacy of rapid testing technologies like antigen and LAMP testing which could be undertaken on departure at the airport and for further reducing quarantine, making it easier and less onerous for people to travel.

“It is clear that while testing will continue to be important to keeping people moving in the coming months, eventually the vaccine will play a role in reducing this and return travel to normal. Governments and industry need to work together to achieve this and we stand by ready to support where we can.”

Wizz Air also announced last week that it had partnered with Confirm Testing to offer passengers a discounted rate of £85 for a rapid Covid-19 test and ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate.

Meanwhile, Gatwick Airport opened a new testing facility today for passengers, staff and local residents. Easyjet stated that “customers are also able to access preferential rates through its scheme there as well”.

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