Lufthansa Group has integrated its Compensaid carbon offsetting platform into the Miles and More app, allowing members to offset their flights using cash and / or miles.

The new ‘Mindfulflyer’ option is available for members taking flights on all Lufthansa Group services, as well as those on Star Alliance and joint venture flights “for which the customer has received or used Miles and More miles”.

Customers are given the choice to offset using miles only, or a mixture of cash and miles, and they will receive digital “awards”, which Lufthansa says can be shared via social media channels “to inspire other travellers to follow suit”.

The Compensaid platform was launched in 2019, enabling passengers to track and offset their individual carbon footprint, either through the purchase of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, or through supporting a reforestation project in Nicuragua.

Lufthansa launches Compensaid carbon offset platform

Commenting on the news Sebastian Riedle, managing director of Miles and More GmbH, said:

“Customer loyalty without sustainability no longer works – our customers expect solutions from us that enable climate-friendly travel.

“With the integration of the ‘mindfulflyer’ offer we are fulfilling this expectation while making climate neutral travel as simple as possible.”

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