Wizz Air has launched a carbon offsetting scheme in partnership with Chooose, a climate-focused technology company.

The airline’s website now allows passengers to calculate their flight’s environmental impact and offset the carbon emissions from their flight. At the time of writing, passengers are not offered this option during the booking process, though Wizz Air has told Business Traveller that a ‘call to action’ button will be added in coming weeks.

For the moment this means that passengers need to follow a link to a sub domain page – wizzair.choose.today which you can view below:


This has a travel footprint calculator where the emissions can be calculated and offset. After making payment passengers will receive a certificate recognising the emissions they have offset.

Wizz Air is initially supporting two projects; The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST) in Uganda, an award-winning and longstanding reforestation project, and the Pichacay Landfill Gas to Renewable Energy Project which is a landfill site for the municipal wastes of Cuenca in the province of Azuay, in Ecuador. This latter project recovers landfill methane which previously was released into the atmosphere, and delivers electricity to the grid. It is the first landfill in Ecuador in which landfill gas extraction and electricity generation are applied. Both projects are certified by the Verified Carbon Standard to measurable reduce emissions.

Wizz Air also points out that its carbon-dioxide emissions are the lowest among European airlines in FY2019 (57.2 gr/km/passenger) because of its new aircraft fleet of 134 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft with 180 seats and A321 aircraft with 230 seats respectively, and Airbus A320neo aircraft with 186 seats and Airbus A321neo aircraft with 239 seats

Marion Geoffroy, Chief Corporate Officer at Wizz Air, said of the new carbon offsetting:

“We strive to be the greenest airline of choice as we work hard on continuously decreasing our environmental footprint. Through a wide range of sustainability initiatives, we are proud to already have one of the lowest emission rates in the European aviation industry and are delighted to be working with Chooose to provide carbon offsetting to our passengers. Together with our modern aircraft fleet, variety of fuel saving initiatives, maximisation of passenger load factor, a network design which avoids unnecessary connecting flights and the lightest materials used in the cabin, we are ensuring that Wizz Air is the best and greenest choice passengers can make when they fly.”

The oddly-spelt Chooose is also the partner for Norwegian’s offset programme.