The Indian government has announced that the upper cap on domestic civil aviation operations will be revised to 70-75 per cent of the pre-Covid capacity in the coming days.

This step aims to facilitate smooth domestic travel that is expected to witness a surge owing to the festive season which is around the corner.

India resumed domestic flight operations in May 2020, where airlines were able to fly up to 33 per cent of the normal capacity (as per summer schedule 2020). This cap was revised to 45 per cent with effect from June 26, 2020, and was further enhanced to 60 per cent from September 2, 2020.

Currently, Indian airlines can operate up to 60 per cent of their capacity.

As per the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s latest data, the daily passenger traffic reached 2.05 lakh on November 1, 2020.

Additionally, fare bands within which the airlines have to operate have been extended up to February 24, 2021. These fare bands came into force from May 21, 2020.