Owing to strict lockdowns in mainland Europe two prestigious HS (high-speed) rail operators are making changes to their schedules and onboard catering.

Last week we referred to Thalys’ schedule cuts and now we report of further cuts.

I first came across the news via rail experts Europe By Rail. The details have now been confirmed by Thalys on Twitter.

Franco-Belgian train operator Thalys says that there will only be two daily trains from Paris to Brussels from November 7, one of which continues to Amsterdam, and no service to Germany. Lounges will be closed and there will be no at-seat catering in Business Premier.

There are also service cuts at Franco-Swiss operator TGV Lyria.

CEO Fabien Soulet says that from Thursday: “TGV Lyria must revise its service sharply downwards.”

However, he added that “there will be two daily services from Paris to Geneva and another from Paris to Basel and Zurich for those who absolutely need to travel.”

As we have reported previously these reduced schedules at Thalys and TGV Lyria mirror the cuts seen at Eurostar.

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